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Coming out of a conservative, Evangelical background, I've seen this sort of 
thing happen a lot. (You mention Ecclesiastes, but take a look at Longman's 
recent commentary on Ecclesiastes in the NICOT--he argues for non-Solomonic 
and probably late authorship on the basis of comparative genre analysis, but 
along the way he declares linguistic arguments moot.) These days, though, it 
seems the problem is cutting both ways. Witness the assertions of P. Davies, 
for instance, and the flurry of criticism, not just from historians but from 
philologists as well. The debate isn't that much different when it's with 
those who want to say that all BH is "postexilic" and "Persian" (or "Greek").

Trevor Peterson

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>(2) over and over again, the impediment is that parts of the torah would
>be late---too late for the ideology of the researchers.  e.g., hurvitz and
>rendsburg have their own ideas about the development of israelite
>religion.  the priestly source must be the earliest, and at least
>pre-exilic:  regardless of the simple linguistic facts...
>(3) the thing that worries me is the simplistic argumentation. take a
>gander at Rendsburg JBL 121.1 (2002). for him it's an either/or, either
>standard BH or late BH, period. no shades, just black and white. he then
>equates late BH with "postexilic" and "persian".  therefore, if genesis 24
>doesn't look like ecclesiastes (postexilic and persian/hellenistic), then
>it cannot be postexilic and persian.  whoa...! am i missing something? and
>is this the best we can do in BH dialectology?
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