The Natural Approach toTeaching BH, Randy

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Mon May 20 05:08:15 EDT 2002

Great dream, Bryan! But how do you keep cats out? After all, there are
none in BH! ;-)

I see your point better now. Randy is trying the best he can in actual
practice at the moment. It's not perfect, and I guess he would like to
evolve a bit more towards what you are dreaming. But in my opinion it's
a whole lot better than not trying.

Peter Kirk

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> Hi Peter,
> I understand that Randy's ulpan attempts to teach using the
> natural approach.   Immersion is an important consideration
> because it is an intregal part of any natural approach
> program.  The problem is that immersion is best achieved,
> perhaps only achieved, in a real life setting in which the
> target language is used to live and survive.  The natural
> approach classroom is really only a sort of language game
> that foresees and prepares the student for survival in the
> world beyond the classroom.  In addition to his ulpan, I
> believe Randy recommends a year or two in Israel.  Ahh...  A
> year or two in Israel...  Let me keep dreaming...
> ...we need a special secluded language camp.  At the camp
> will ONLY be allowed biblical culture, biblical technology,
> and biblical Hebrew.  It doesn't even need to be in Israel,
> because the students will have to stay in the camp 24/7.
> (O.K., we will let them out for a few hours after shabbat on
> Saturday night.)  Students have to survive there for six
> months with a population of residents who are already fluent
> in BH.  The students will end up pretty fluent in not only
> biblical Hebrew but with a life-changing experience as well.
> Of course the expense of such a project in time and money is
> pretty much prohibitive.
> Anyways, who says the student really wants to learn BH?
> Maybe he only wants to read the Tanakh in BH.  I think there
> is a considerable difference.
> Bryan

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