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Sat May 18 23:09:37 EDT 2002

Randall wrote:
> That was a reasonable guess but misses our mark.
> We just go around the gaps. There is plenty of material for beginners
> without filling in gaps artificially. It would become a problem as one
> reached
> intermediate levels and tried to push into advanced levels.

I see. Thanks for the clarification. My apologies for misleading anyone.
Please note that I was careful to say "I suspect," which hopefully indicates
to anyone reading that I'm speaking in relative ignorance.

> Please note: "important" is a synonym for "useful" but does not
> imply or mean that modern Hebrew is necessarily evidence for
> anything by itself.


> Mishnaic Hebrew is always better evidence
> than modern. There are really quite a few processes and trends in
> late biblical Hebrew that are better understood by watching the
> trajectory into mishnaic Hebrew, as well as a wealth of semantic
> and cultural information.

Also agreed. Since the thread was about Modern Hebrew, I didn't bring it up
right away; but that's another area where I'm trying to address my own

Trevor Peterson

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