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Randall Buth ButhFam at
Sat May 18 19:57:57 EDT 2002

shalom Qobbi veHevre,

The thread seems to have gone done funny paths over the holidays. 

>> Another would be to develop a hybrid of sorts, which is what 
>>I suspect happens in a program like Randall's Biblical Ulpan. 
>a hybrid is- as such- a non reality in that it is never found anywhere in
>the real world.  so- if we were to pursue this- the construction of a
>brand of hebrew would make us all better exegetes.  so who will invent
>hybrid and how will it be taught.  will it be in the manner of ebonics for

Would it help for Randall Buth to say that he is against hybrids for 
Biblical Hebrew? 
We aim to teach 100% Biblical Hebrew, no gapfilling. 
We tell students that BH is full of holes and then carefully 
steer around them while teaching and drilling. If students want a 
fuller language they are welcome to go on to mishnaic and modern


Randall Buth

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