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GOLDMAN Amir Patrick amirpatrick.goldman at
Sat May 18 10:38:41 EDT 2002

Just a word in this debate which seems to become rather passionate.
I do agree with everybody that it is not necessary to speak latin in
order to teach it, nor to speak (modern) Hebrew in order to teach
biblical Hebrew. This requirement outside Israel is for the least, in my
opinion, an exaggeration.
This said, I remember my best teachers in hebrew and aramaic tellling
me that learning modern hebrew had been for them a true improvement in their
mastering of the biblical language(s). I guess this touches the oral
you establish with a language. Though Classical and Koine Greek are much
afar from modern Greek, the same has been told to me by scholars in this
language: learning modern greek had been an improvement.
To an oral relationship to a language this adds also a view of the evolution
the language which is never purely hazardous.
Best wishes to you all,
Yohanan Goldman
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> I suppose, following the logic of requiring facility in Modern Hebrew to
> teach Classical Hebrew one would also need modern Greek to teach
> Classical/Koine Greek. What then does one do about teaching Akkadian,
> Ugaritic, etc.?
> Honestly, unless you were teaching the class in Israel in modern Hebrew,
> such a requirement and the thinking behind it is ludicrous.
> Shawn Madden
> Southeastern Seminary
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