Song of Solomon 1:4

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At 01:45 17/05/02, Steve Fontenot wrote:

>"rejoice in you" (NASB) - NKJV says, "rejoice in you. Feminine singular,
>that is, the Shulamite." NIV says, "delight in you; {The Hebrew is
>masculine singular.}" Which is correct?

The BHS shows masc. sing i.e as in NIV.
The only note in the apparatus dealing with this part of v.4 has to do with 
a Qumran ms. which reverses the order of " exult " and "rejoice".

Likewise, Dotan [ Dotan, Aron, ed. Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia. Peabody, 
Mass: Hendrickson, 2001.] shows masc. sing.

So, I wonder where the NKJV note derives from --- eisegesis, perhaps?  it 
wouldn't be the first time <g>


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