OFF TOPIC Modern Hebrew question

uri hurwitz uhurwitz at
Thu May 16 12:22:33 EDT 2002

> What does one say in Modern Hebrew when a person sneezes (if anything)? It
> occurred to me the other day that I use the German reply a lot, but maybe
> as a Semiticist I should use Hebrew. I'm pretty sure it never comes up in
> Biblical Hebrew, so let's work with what there is. (I know--I should have
> learned Modern Hebrew by now, but unfortunately it's not required for my
> program, and I don't have the time to do extra stuff right now.) Anyway,
> if you feel that this is completely unrelated to the purpose of this list,
> you're probably right--feel free to reply off-list :-)
> Thanks,
> Trevor Peterson

  In my time they used to say: "labriut" some times, slightly incorrectly
,"libriut"  in both cases "to the health" or "to health". Perhaps Jonathan
could bring us up-to-date?                       Uri

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