Elohim singular/plural in Genesis 1

Martin A. Shields mshields at mail.usyd.edu.au
Mon May 13 06:44:05 EDT 2002

On 9/5/02 12:27 am, Yohanan Goldman at Amirpatrick.Goldman at unifr.ch wrote:

> Is this plural "of exhortation" as Koenig coined it, attested
> elsewhere in Biblical Hebrew ?

There are certainly similar constructions elsewhere, where a singular form
of )MR is followed by a plural verb (as to whether the second verb has
volitional force is not always morphologically apparent and can only be
determined by context). Some examples: Gen 33:12; 37:21; Ex 10:9; Judg
13:15; 2Chr 14:7.

There are, of course, many more instances of a singular subject speaking on
behalf of a group.



Martin A. Shields

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