Elohim singular/plural in Genesis 1 and the prefix H before a verb

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> 1) Why is Elohim used with a singular meaning in most of Genesis 1 but it has
> a plural meaning in Genesis 1:26?

It does not have a plural meaning in Gen 1:26. Here elohim is the subject of
the verb )MR which is masculine singular. The plural form of (&H has no
grammatical bearing on the number of Elohim. It is as if I wrote:

    I said, "We should go to the shops today."

The fact that "we" is the subject of my quoted speech does not make me

> 2) Why does the verb RM$ in Genesis 1:26 take the prefix of letter H? What is
> the meaning of that prefix in combination with the verb?

The verb here is a participle being used with an adjectival meaning, so the
text reads something like "the creeping things which creep...".



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