Elohim singular/plural in Genesis 1 and the prefix H before a verb

Trevor & Julie Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Wed May 8 05:28:30 EDT 2002

Fernando wrote:

> 2) Why does the verb RM$ in Genesis 1:26 take the prefix of
> letter H? What is the meaning of that prefix in combination with
> the verb?
> Thanks in advance for your answers,

"haremes haromes" is an attributive adjectival construction. Since the head
noun "haremes" is definite, the adjective--in this case a
participle--appears in the determined state. This is a function of the
adjectival quality of the participle (verbal adjective) "romes," rather than
verbal, and parallels the construction used to say something like "the good
word/the word that is good" (haddavar hattov).

Trevor Peterson

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