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>> Ian, I am unable to date LXX, just as you are, because I do not rely on
>> the letter of Aristeas and the dating implied there.
> I am able to restrict the date because of the DSS material.
> LXX Genesis did not have a Vorlage in Hebrew while the
> other pentateuchal books did. This means that LXX Genesis
> did come from an already developed tradition, so it did not
> exist before 63 BCE.
> Dating is always an important issue (I note though that you
> did avoid the subject through caution).
>> My point in quoting translations is that translations are good evidence
>> for how the translators understood their Vorlage. Full stop.
> This is why I brought in the DSS. There was no LXX Hebrew
> Vorlage for Genesis. All 24 fragmentary copies are
> basically MT with slight variations.

Ian I don't understand what you are saying that "there as no LXX Hebrew
Vorlage for Genesis." If that were true than LXX Gen would be a new work in
its own right. LXX Gen is translating a Hebrew text, therefore it has a
Hebrew Vorlage. 

Or perhaps you meant that LXX Gen did not have a Hebrew Vorlage that was
*different* than MT?

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