BR)$YT, the continuing saga.

Jason A. Hare language_lover64801 at
Sat Mar 30 22:08:14 EST 2002

It *is* interesting when the verse that Liz referenced is looked at
together with Genesis 1.1.

Isaiah 45:18 states that
Lo-tohu vra'ah
"He did not create it (i.e., the earth) TOHU"

Genesis 1.1 (as we've been seeing) states:
V'ha'aretz hay'ta tohu vavohu
"[When God began creating the heavens and the earth,] the earth was TOHU
and BOHU"

If the earth was TOHU when God began creating it (Gen. 1.1,2), and God did
not create the earth TOHU... then something more is brought into play when
discussing creation (if you believe in creation).

I am sorry for the theological content of this post, but that is the
direction in which these posts are going.  I would not like to argue. 
It's just good to get thoughts out there for others.  Don't make anything
of this message, if you don't like it and are wanting to argue.  ;-)  In
that case, I won't be obliged to respond.

Shalom al kol ha'aretz (v'al Yisra'el!!!!),

B'emet anachnu sho'el shelom Yerushalayim achshav v'ad olam.
"Sha'alu shelom Yerushalayim."

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