TOHU in Isaiah

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On 3/30/02 11:02 AM, "Bill Burks" <rwburks at> wrote:

> Christian,
> I personally was not stating that I viewed Genesis 1:2 as indicating God
> created the earth in "tohu" or not in "tohu." I was just merely sharing with
> Jason the verse that I think Liz was refering to.

Thanks Bill. I was not saying anything about your post. I realized you were
just providing a reference.
> Liz originally wrote:
> "Rashi does not deny the principle, he denies that the bible talks about it.
> And Isaiah denies that God created tohu, and he is a LOT closer to the
> original writers than either the LXX or the Vulgate. Give it up.

And as I said, I would disagree with the statement that "Isaiah denies that
God created tohu." One might *interpret* that verse in such a manner, but it
is not a clear or simple reading.

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