Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at
Sat Mar 30 14:35:16 EST 2002

Ian, do you really want me to bore the list by repeating a hundred or so
postings I have already made arguing for my understanding of the Hebrew
text and against yours, containing "Hebrew evidence... to support [my]
interpretation of the Hebrew text"? I am silent now on the Hebrew
because that argument has run its course and I have been asked to stop

Peter Kirk

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> >>Ian:
> >>Peter doesn't seem to me to be interested in the Hebrew
> >>text or its background. He somehow imagines that the world
> >>was created out of nothing and either created as chaos or
> >>returned to chaos.
> >
> >GfSomsel:
> >Come on now.  That's not accurate.  Peter just has a different view
> >scriptures than you.  You may not agree with his view, but that
> mean
> >that he's not interested in the Hebrew text or its background.  I
> he's
> >a bit more conservative than I (and maybe even a bit more
conservative in
> >relation to you than to me).  Please refrain from such unfounded
> accusations.
> Peter's argument seems to be not based at all on the Hebrew.
> The only evidence he has mustered for his position seems to
> me to be the form of the Greek and the Vulgate. From what I
> see there is nothing unfounded. What Hebrew evidence has he
> used to support his interpretation of the Hebrew text? I am
> happy to be corrected here, but I have seen none.
> >We want a discussion, not a flame war.
> I would like to have a discussion. Better, I would like to
> see other people take over the discussion. I think the text
> can be clarified, but I would like to see other people
> doing it -- and obviously doing it with the aim of
> understanding.
> Ian

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