Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Fri Mar 29 23:37:38 EST 2002

>>Peter doesn't seem to me to be interested in the Hebrew 
>>text or its background. He somehow imagines that the world 
>>was created out of nothing and either created as chaos or 
>>returned to chaos. 
>Come on now.  That's not accurate.  Peter just has a different view of 
>scriptures than you.  You may not agree with his view, but that doesn't mean 
>that he's not interested in the Hebrew text or its background.  I admit he's 
>a bit more conservative than I (and maybe even a bit more conservative in 
>relation to you than to me).  Please refrain from such unfounded accusations. 

Peter's argument seems to be not based at all on the Hebrew. 
The only evidence he has mustered for his position seems to 
me to be the form of the Greek and the Vulgate. From what I 
see there is nothing unfounded. What Hebrew evidence has he 
used to support his interpretation of the Hebrew text? I am 
happy to be corrected here, but I have seen none.

>We want a discussion, not a flame war.

I would like to have a discussion. Better, I would like to 
see other people take over the discussion. I think the text 
can be clarified, but I would like to see other people 
doing it -- and obviously doing it with the aim of 


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