Interpretation and language development

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Thu Mar 28 19:04:39 EST 2002


Emanuel Tov has written an excellent book on Textual Criticism which discusses the
development of the text.  He also discusses how the development of the text led to
different readings and therefore different interpretations of the passages. He also
discusses the development of the LXX, Vulgate, Samaritian text, Aramaic targum, and the
Qumron documents and discusses how some of the copying methods were sometimes affected
by religious considerations of the copiest or translator.

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, however I believe it is an excellent
work, and may help to understand how the development of different readings of the text
were based on factors including religious view points.  These readings of course affect
our interpretation today.


Bill Burks

Michael Abernathy wrote:

> I was just studying  a text on the history of the Hebrew language as it
> developed from the Biblical Period to Modern Hebrew.  I couldn't help
> wondering if anyone has done a study on how the changes in the Hebrew
> language have affected the interpretation of various passages.  I'd be
> interested in reading it if anyone knows of such a work.
> Sincerely yours,
> Michael Abernathy
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