Interpretation and language development

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I've read a time ago a good book, translated from the Spanish into English
and published by Cambridge U;P., " A History of the Hebrew Language" by
Saenz Badillos. It was translated by an important British Hebraist, Wouven,
I  think. I have not the book now by myself.  Sanez Badillos alludes to the
subject you are searching in some way.

Other classical works( Bowen(?) about Hebrew and Greek Thought; Tresmontant
about Hebrew Thought, etc) also studied that interesting subject. Excuse me
but I quote from my memory: I have not now those books.The Semantics of
Hebrew ( from Bible, Mishna, Rabbinics, Kabbalistic, Hasidic Language, New
Hebrew in the "Thesaurus" of Ben Yehuda, the actual Proceedings of the
Academy of the Hebrew Language in Israel, etc) are a vast field to the
research. I think humbly that are some changes, semantically and

Moshé bar Asher is an outstanding Hebrew Scholar ( he was President of the
Academy of Hebrew Language) and he knows very well the subject. I spoke with
him in Paris and he is an excellent person and a bright scholar.

I hope this'ld help.

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> I was just studying  a text on the history of the Hebrew language as it
> developed from the Biblical Period to Modern Hebrew.  I couldn't help
> wondering if anyone has done a study on how the changes in the Hebrew
> language have affected the interpretation of various passages.  I'd be
> interested in reading it if anyone knows of such a work.
> Sincerely yours,
> Michael Abernathy
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