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Tue Mar 26 09:25:27 EST 2002

I think that L:HaB:RiY):aKeM is built from a different stem (with, 
admittedly, the same radicals) than our standard Gen. 1:1 'Bara'  i.e. BDB  
09256 II.

Jack Stewart


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iangoldsmith1969 at yahoo.co.uk writes:

>In the hope of distracting you from the b'reshit
>debate and so freeing up my mailbox....

>Is it true to say that the verb 'bara' to create is
>solely used in connection with God and that whilst man
>may 'make' or 'do' etc, he is never recorded in the
>OT as 'creating'/'bara'?

Yes, it is becoming somewhat tedious; I agree.

What do you think of 1 Sam 2.29 in this regard? (Sorry about that R")$iYT in

LfMfH TiB:(:a+W. B.:ZiB:XiY W.B:MiN:XfTiY ):a$eR CiW.iYTiY Mf(oWN 
)eT_BfNeYKf MiM.eNiY  ** L:HaB:RiY):aKeM **  M"R")$iYT K.fL_MiN:XaT Yi&Rf)"L


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