Request for an apology from C Isbell

Charles David Isbell cisbell at
Wed Mar 27 01:40:37 EST 2002

If I were guilty of "baseless slander," I would indeed apologize.  Please
read what I said, Peter.  "According to the postings of Ian and Peter about
each other, we now have been told that, ..."  If you think that what follows
is an improper characterization of the exchanges between Ian and you, tell
me that.  But I am counting on your linguistic ability to help you realize
that I have not offered an opinion of your abilities one way or the other.
It is my opinion that Ian and you have reached a dead end.  It is my
opinion, shared by others on list, that the TONE of your exchange has
exceeded appropriate bounds of civility.  The moderators apparently do not
agree, so Ian and you are free to continue firing shots at each other, with
no hope of any scholarly agreement that I can see.
I have appreciated many of your comments here, Peter, and have agreed with
much of what you have said on numerous issues.  In this case, you have
misread my comments.

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