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I did such a study about three years ago and found that every occurence of
BARA in the Bible has the Almighty as its subject.  Of course, I looked
them up "manually," rather than by computer, so the whole human error
thing is possible.  But anyway, I am confident that BARA always is used of

There was apparently some objection to my previous suggestion, so let's try 

Josh. 17.15, 18

L:Kf HaY.a(:RfH W.B"R")Tf L:Kf $fM B.:)eReC HaP.:RiZ.iY WaY.oMeR ):aL"YHeM 
Y:HoW$ua( )iM_(aM_RaB )AT.fH 

W:HfYfH L:Kf T.oC)oTfYW K.iY_ToWRiY$ KiY HaR YiH:YeH_L.fK. K.iY_Ya(aR HW.) 
W.B"R")ToW HW.) )eT_HaK.:Na(:aNiY K.iY ReKeB B.aR:ZeL LoW K.iY XfZfQ 

Ezek. 21.24 (Eng. 21.19)

W:)aT.fH BeN_)fDfM &iYM_L:Kf $:NaYiM D.:RfKiYM LfBoW) XeReB MeLeK_B.fBeL 
M")ReC )eXfD Y"C:)W. $:N"YHeM W:YfD B.fR") B.:Ro)$

Ezek 23.47

W:RfGfMW. (:aL"YHeN )eBeN QfHfL W.BfR") )oWT:HeN B.:XaR:BoWTfM


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