Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at
Tue Mar 26 10:20:41 EST 2002

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> Standard Time,
> Peter_Kirk at writes:
> >The LXX translators clearly understood BERESHIT
> as EN ARCHi, "in the
> >beginning", in an absolute sense. It is possible
> that the aorist has an
> >inceptive sense here, so "In the beginning God
> began to create the
> >heavens and the earth". I have no quarrel with
> that understanding of the
> >Greek, though I doubt if the Hebrew can mean
> that. But the Greek does
> >not mean "In the beginning of God's
> creating...", the sentence structure
> >is quite different and EN ARCHi is absolute and
> unqualified.
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> Yes, but the LXX is not the final arbiter of what
> the author intended.  The
> LXX has been found in error (or clueless) in more
> than one case.
> GfSomsel
Dear Peter,
You have already admitted that the LXX has an
Aristotelian bias, so why are you arguing on its basis?

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