Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

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> As I said in my last message, I have not followed the list very well, but
> I just went through this thread and followed the argument up 'til this
> point.  Honestly, I had never heard of the Enuma Elisha (and I still don't
> have a clue where it's from or what it is), but it is to me very striking
> in its similarities.  I just wanted to thank you for bringing it up and
> quoting it.  I had always been curious to what the RWH )LHYM and THWM were
> referring in Gen. 1.2.  This puts a new spin on things for me.  I don't
> really want to enter this debate, because I think there is no argument
> here [B:R)"$iYT = "at the first" as a time phrase that modifies the
> should-be infinitive construct B:Ro) -- so Rashi].  I just in passing
> wanted to say that I appreciate your comments.


Since you say that you have not heard of the Enuma Elish before, let me
encourage you, before you fully accept Ian's reading of their relationship,
to read a few solid commentaries on Gen. to get a sense of things. I think a
/via media/ between the views posted, is probably the best understanding...

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