Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

Jason A. Hare language_lover64801 at
Tue Mar 26 00:07:42 EST 2002


As I said in my last message, I have not followed the list very well, but
I just went through this thread and followed the argument up 'til this
point.  Honestly, I had never heard of the Enuma Elisha (and I still don't
have a clue where it's from or what it is), but it is to me very striking
in its similarities.  I just wanted to thank you for bringing it up and
quoting it.  I had always been curious to what the RWH )LHYM and THWM were
referring in Gen. 1.2.  This puts a new spin on things for me.  I don't
really want to enter this debate, because I think there is no argument
here [B:R)"$iYT = "at the first" as a time phrase that modifies the
should-be infinitive construct B:Ro) -- so Rashi].  I just in passing
wanted to say that I appreciate your comments.

Jason Hare

> Do you understand what Genesis 1:2 is about from the 
> text itself? Can you tell me why tehom is mentioned 
> in the text? Can you tell from the text why the wind 
> is present? A cursory reading of the Enuma Elisha 
> answers all these questions. If you allow that the 
> two accounts are related, one needs to face how they 
> are related: when one version is apparently cryptic 
> and the other is not, it is common to elucidate the 
> one with the other.

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