Is R)$YT even a "time" word?

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>> Ian, thanks for sharing the passage from Enuma Elish which makes clear
>> how irrelevant this is. There is a lot in it which is clearly not in
>> Genesis, and apparently vice versa. So why can they not differ also on
>> "in the beginning"?
> I am impressed that you cannot see the clear
> parallels, but of course this should only be
> obvious, when you don't read the text. Deal
> with the fact that it is talking of the same
> phenomenon with basically the same name, ie
> tiamat/tehom at the beginning of creation,
> who is defeated through the use of a divine
> wind and upon the defeat and death of the
> waters, the god separates the remains lifting
> half above the sky and creating the world as
> it is from the rest. So, if you cannot see
> the plain similarities, it has more to do
> with you than the text.

Mommy?! Where is the list mom? This really should stop now...

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