bereshit (translations) Paul

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Thu Mar 21 11:07:07 EST 2002

>Ian, what is the relevance of "six day creation" here? I don't think
>anyone on this thread has promoted this teaching. I certainly have not.

I have. It is the literary structure of the creation itself. 
The first act of the creation is when God "turned on the lights" 
as was said in an earlier incarnation of this subject. Before 
that moment creation hadn't begun. To argue creative events 
before then would nullify the intent of the sabbath day of rest 
imposed on the creation.

>It is certainly not generally true that "all b-nouns are qualified".

I am referring only to time phrases. I have dealt with the 
qualifications before:

1) adjective;
2) construct;
3) clause;
4) anaphoric reference;

Can you think of any b-noun time phrase which is not qualified 
in any way?


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