J. Raymond Kelley jraykelley at
Wed Mar 20 23:25:43 EST 2002

Peter Kirk wrote:

>This is not true of the latest versions of Microsoft software, which
>have a very high level of security.
Yeah ...

... as bulletproof as anyone with a "system" taking on Vegas ...

> Much of other manufacturers'
>software is just as open to virus attack, it's just that no one bothers
>to attack it because everyone loves to hate and libel Microsoft.
>Peter Kirk

Sometimes it has nothing to do with love-hate.  It's just a simple 
economic analysis ...

... it's the most used system, therefore, one gets the most impact 
(noteriety?) in an
attack on it.  Who cares about the weaknesses you can expose (?) by creating
a virus for BeOS (unless, of course, Palm decides to put it in all its 
units -- then
the "trick" will not be creating the virus but getting it on the most 

OK, to make it relevant, I was referring to the most PDAs capable of 
one's favorite Lexicon ...

The best security still resides in awareness and adopting sound user 
habits --
and a few good programs that remind you by asking whether you really want to
do that silly thing that you're about to do and would otherwise not do 
but for a
brief lapse in judgment..


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