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> My last line read:
>>> "You have convinced yourself..." is typical flame
>>> material, and the content is simply wrong.
> If I was not clear, the content was your conclusion that I have convinced
> myself of the matter we were discussing. This is (still)
> simply wrong.

Ok. I probably shouldn't but I will add this.

Ian, I would hope that you *have* convinced yourself! This is not a flame at
all, but simply a recognition that you are satisfied with the evidence
presented and you continue to maintain your view. Nothing wrong with that
(even if one might disagree with your conclusions).

I, for example, in a given context will say "I have convinced myself that
the evidence is sound and Targum Lamentations is indeed a rabbinic text." If
I weren't convinced I wouldn't be asserting that position, would I?

No flames here....

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