bereshit (translations) Was: Paul

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Mar 19 19:50:32 EST 2002


>I found the entire referenced post inflammatory,

If we put aside this reference to a previous comment of yours, what problems do you have with my last post??

>especially the last line.

My last line read:

>>"You have convinced yourself..." is typical flame
>>material, and the content is simply wrong.

If I was not clear, the content was your conclusion that I have convinced myself of the matter we were discussing. This is (still)
simply wrong.

>I trust that the moderators will note that, when asked, I responded with
>dispassionate rationale for my statement.

Anyone carrying to comment, please, just to let me know, did you find "the entire referenced post [ie my post which Paul is
referring to] inflammatory"?

("Re: bereshit (translations) Paul" -- a couple of hours before Paul's.)



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