VIRUS WARNING (Way Off Topic / Last Email)

Ken Smith kens at
Tue Mar 19 11:32:38 EST 2002

I'm not saying that there aren't email viruses.  There certainly are:
I'm an MCSE and network administrator myself.  I'm well aware of all the
email viruses that are out there (Melissa, Happy99, I Love You, Anna
Kournikova, etc.).  I've gotten plenty in my own inbox.  What I AM
saying is that 99.9% of the email virus *warnings* that I've ever
received ARE hoaxes.

It's one of my life's minor missions to beat into people's heads that
before they send *any* virus warning, or for that matter, any story
about little Johnny with no arms and legs who will get 1 cent from the
American Cancer Society for every friend you forward his email to, that
they just check with the relevant authorities.  For viruses, it's  For urban
legends, it's

But that's WAY off-topic.  Sorry to have brought it up.

Ken Smith

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> From: Ian Hutchesson [mailto:mc2499 at]
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> Subject: Re: VIRUS WARNING
> Ken,
> There are sadly such things and they definitely aren't hoaxes. One is
> (or perhaps mainly) vulnerable to my knowledge if one uses Microsoft
> products, but the logic is relatively simple. MS software comes with
> ability to open attachments automatically enabled. I have received a
> number of posts with attachments that try to open themselves because
> they are scripted to do so. If you disable this ability, there is a
> bit more
> protection.
> However, I have received a few posts recently pretending to be from a
> list administrator which are very large and which cause all sorts of
> problems if I even select them just to delete them.
> Many viruses are not hoaxes and they're becoming more difficult deal
> manually.
> Ian
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