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Since you have convinced yourself, then go ahead and publish it on the
website you're building.  People then have the chance to accept or reject
your conclusions.  As it is, this thread is going nowhere, because neither
side is going to budge.

In short, what's *your* point in trying to continue this if you are going to
reject the comments that you receive when you put forth your proposition?

Paul Zellmer

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> >> Let me invent a criterion: if I see convincing evidence that
> >> a time phrase such as br'$yt can stand at the beginning of a
> >> book without any qualification, then I might consider it
> >> possible in the case of Gen 1:1, otherwise I will consider the
> >> notion simply unsupportable speculation.
> >>
> >> It's not difficult to do this sort of thing.
> >
> >Except we have so (relatively) few books! The data pool is too small for
> >such certainty.
> And that's the problem with asking for nice clear time phrases
> such as b-noun to govern more than one clause. You may see the
> problem with requiring more than one, as I have already shown
> that there are many single clauses governed by b-noun. Why
> should b-noun governed clauses be any different from other
> governed clauses?
> Ian

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