bereshit (translations) GfSomsel

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Mar 18 23:25:50 EST 2002

>> Let me invent a criterion: if I see convincing evidence that
>> a time phrase such as br'$yt can stand at the beginning of a
>> book without any qualification, then I might consider it
>> possible in the case of Gen 1:1, otherwise I will consider the
>> notion simply unsupportable speculation.
>> It's not difficult to do this sort of thing.
>Except we have so (relatively) few books! The data pool is too small for
>such certainty.

And that's the problem with asking for nice clear time phrases 
such as b-noun to govern more than one clause. You may see the 
problem with requiring more than one, as I have already shown 
that there are many single clauses governed by b-noun. Why 
should b-noun governed clauses be any different from other 
governed clauses?


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