bereshit (still)

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No, I am not saying that the others are making mistakes. I am saying
that both are valid translations because no one can be sure which
meaning was the Hebrew author's intention. Are you prepared to agree
with me on that? If so, we can agree that this evidence for your
interpretation of Genesis 1:1-2 is debatable and so unreliable.

Peter Kirk

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> >Ian, do you know enough ENGLISH to realise that "On the day when I
> >Israel, I swore to them" and "On the day when I chose Israel and
> >to them" have a quite different meaning? If the modern English
> >translators had wanted to, they could have said the latter. But they
> >said the former, which quite deliberately and unambiguously means
> >something different.
> To use your tactic, Peter, you are implying all the
> other language translators whose works I have cited
> of making mistakes. This, like your approach, is not
> dealing with the Hebrew.
> Ian
> 5 (SCHLACH) Und sprich zu ihnen: So spricht Gott, der HERR:
> An dem Tage, als ich Israel erwählte und dem Samen des Hauses
> Jakob schwur und mich ihnen in Ägyptenland zu erkennen gab;
> ja, als ich ihnen schwur und sprach: Ich, der HERR, bin euer Gott!
> 5 (LND) ¶ e di’ loro: Così dice il Signore, l’Eterno:
> il giorno in cui scelsi Israele e alzai la mano in giuramento
> ai discendenti della casa di Giacobbe, e mi feci loro conoscere
> nel paese d’Egitto, alzai la mano in giuramento a loro, dicendo:
> "Io sono l’Eterno, il vostro DIO"
> 5 (VULGATE) ¶ et dices ad eos haec dicit Dominus Deus in die qua
> elegi Israhel et levavi manum meam pro stirpe domus Iacob et
> apparui eis in terra Aegypti et levavi manum meam pro eis dicens
> ego Dominus Deus vester
> 5 (LXXM)  kai ereiv prov autouv tade legei kuriov af hv hmerav
> hretisa ton oikon israhl kai egnwrisyhn tw spermati oikou iakwb
> kai egnwsyhn autoiv en gh aiguptou kai antelabomhn th ceiri mou
> autwn legwn egw kuriov o yeov umwn
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