Double Postings

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Mar 18 15:14:26 EST 2002

>No, the problem is with this list, not my program. If I click "Reply" on
>this list, the reply goes only to the originator, not to the list. So to
>reply to the list I have to click "Reply to All" (in Outlook 2002, was
>the same in Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express). On the other lists I
>subscribe to, both "Reply" and "Reply to All" send the reply only to the
>list. The e-mails I receive from other lists include a header line e.g.
>"Reply-To: <Bible-Translation at> (BibleTranslation discussion
>list)". The e-mails on this list do not contain such a line.

It is simply the stupidity of the Microsoft software. 
My old Eudora gave me the possibility of doing it 
simply, but I've been forced to use MSOE and have had 
to do it manually like everyone else.


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