Double Postings

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at
Mon Mar 18 14:39:33 EST 2002

No, the problem is with this list, not my program. If I click "Reply" on
this list, the reply goes only to the originator, not to the list. So to
reply to the list I have to click "Reply to All" (in Outlook 2002, was
the same in Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express). On the other lists I
subscribe to, both "Reply" and "Reply to All" send the reply only to the
list. The e-mails I receive from other lists include a header line e.g.
"Reply-To: <Bible-Translation at> (BibleTranslation discussion
list)". The e-mails on this list do not contain such a line.

Peter Kirk

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> To: Biblical Hebrew
> Subject: Double Postings
> On 3/18/02 1:04 PM, "Peter Kirk" <Peter_Kirk at> wrote:
> > Re double postings: sorry, but the problem is that this mail server
> > wrongly configured, so I have to manually delete your own address,
as I
> > have done this time.
> >
> > Peter Kirk
> Peter,
> The problem would be with your email program, not the server. If you
> to
> contact me offlist I may be able to help you configure it so that it
> not automatically reply to all.
> Cb
> cbrady @
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