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Mon Mar 18 09:44:32 EST 2002

At 06:10 PM 3/16/2002, you wrote:
>Now this is something I would really question.  I would be very reticent to
>claim any kind of (divine) inspiration for any of my translation.  'A'
>translates one way based on his presuppositions and 'B' translates another
>way based on his.  These may well conflict with one another.  What spirit
>inspired them?  Jack Daniels?  We're just humans doing the very best we can
>while operating from certain viewpoints.  Presumably we try to deal honestly
>with the texts within those limits.  That doesn't mean we are always correct.

Inspiration is no promise of inerrancy.  It's the "trying to deal honestly" 
which is the operation of the Holy Spirit.

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