From the Beginning

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at
Mon Mar 18 09:15:28 EST 2002

> I am new to this list and do not have a long appendage of letters added
> to my name so that anyone should take what I say serious.
> When I come to Genesis 1:1, a number of questions come to mind as I read
> this verse.
> 1. What was God doing in eternity before he began the act of creation?
The bible doesn't discuss this.

> 2. What are the pictographic meanings available?
>     I see God in anthropomorphic way pressing his lips hard together and
> letting go with "Bereshit" "br)shyt" followed by another word "barah".
> "br)"
> The time is the beginning of something/
> The act is creation.
> the objects of creation is first the heavens followed by creation of the
> earth.
No, the first thing GOd says is "let there be light." 
The narrator says the rest.
The bible does not say how or when the earth, the water, the darkness got 


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