Canon(ical) Criticism

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Mon Mar 18 09:09:13 EST 2002

I dunno. I reread Childs' discussion of Isaiah 7,
and he's concerned with its meaning not just to
the NT writers but to present day Christians, i.e.,
to *himself*.

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> | Hmm, maybe you're right, but maybe we're both right,
> | maybe it's the same thing. When Childs interprets the
> | text of the Book of Isaiah, it's canonical form is it's meaning as part
> | of the *Christian* canon, and the present meaning of that canon
> | includes the whole history of its interpretation in the church. At any
> | rate, he's not concerned with what the historical Isaiah is trying
> | to say.
> | Liz
> Liz, I don't think that is quite right. By 'Christian Canon' 
> doesn't Childs mean only the Hebrew
> scriptures and the 27 New Testament books? I don't think he 
> includes anything beyond that, though
> he may consider it in his analysis in the same way anyone 
> interested in the history of
> interpretation would. I'm fairly sure that Childs does not 
> include the history of interpretation
> beyond the New Testament in his concept of canon.
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