bereshit and mereshit.

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I accept Rashi's opinion primarily because once
taking Hebrew from Dan Fleming in grad school at NYU,
 I mis-translated something and was very embarrassed.
 In fact it was this very thing,   that a VSO clause should be
a pluperfect, that it does not move the narrative along. 
So I went home and looked it up in Gesenius, and there it was, 
and so I checked in Rashi and it was there too, so there you are.
The story we were reading was the story of Dinah. Then I
noticed that this VSO thing popped up everywhere.
There have been other things too, which suggest that Rashi
knows what he's talking about.
So that's why.

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> Liz wrote:-
> >I haven't been following this thread at all,
> >so I hope I'm not repeating stuff. But wasn't all this
> >discussed already years ago on this list? Anyway,
> >according to Rashi, it is in the construct state,
> >which is good enough for me, frankly.
> Why do accept Rashi's opinion?  His commentary is pretty old and our
> knowledge of the language has improved greatly since he lived.
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