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Hello, Yes , it seems a little strange to hear that the Biblical translators
are "informed by the Spirit". With due and great respect, I remember that
the most traditional Handbooks of Biblical Hermeneutics ( Anglican, Roman
Catholics, etc) always said that the Biblical Writers were inspired by the
Spirit but not the Translators. Otherwise this is other subject: I was , as
student, very impressed by the research of L. Alonso Schökel about Biblical
Inspiration ( The Word as Inspired, etc), etc.

I agree with Ms. Fried about "theologies and prejudices": this expression
implies a whole History of the Biblical Interpretation and Translation.

Enjoying as always this very interesting List,

sincerely yours,      F. J. Weismann,       weismann at
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> > Bob Richmond
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>  Biblical translators do have the
> > special advantage of being informed by the Spirit.
> Ha! Informed by their theologies and prejudices you mean.
> Liz Fried
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