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No, I disagree here. Translation is not a matter of mechanical
substitution of words without understanding. Translators cannot
translate if they don't understand what they are translating, and the
process of understanding is what we mean by exegesis. Indiviudual
interpretation is another matter, and should not be added into a
translation; but I have to agree with Liz that it is impossible to
translate without introducing to some extent one's own interpretation.

So we teach translators to use all of the steps of exegesis outlined by
Fee in "New Testament Exegesis" and by Stuart in "Old Testament
Exegesis", although those books are intended for preachers, not
translators. The same process of exegesis is fundamental both to good
preaching and to good translation.

Peter Kirk (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

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> Except exegesis is NOT what the translator should be engaged in! That
> the
> job of the... Exegete! The job of the translator is to, well,
> Of
> course decisions have to be made in providing a translation that some
> might
> view as "exegesis," but ideally a translator is providing a clear
> representation the text with as little exegesis/interpretation of
> as
> possible.
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