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Lawrence, I have been arguing that verse 1 is a self-contained sentence,
against Ian who seems convinced that it isn't but hasn't produced any
convincing evidence, just what you might find in a field where a bull
had been. (It's all in the bulls and the bears, Ian! ;-) )

That doesn't mean that I accept your theory about a recreation or any
temporal break between verses 1 and 2. In fact I would prefer to suggest
that verse 1 is a summary of the whole of chapter 1, which is then given
in more detail in vv.2ff. But it is hard to prove this.

Peter Kirk

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> Doesn't "bereshit" sound like what you would find in the woods after
> bear comes out?
> My question is about Genesis 1:1. Are the seven Hebrew words  a
> statement or any there any reason to continue to verse two.  That is
> verse
> one a complete statement and verse 2 and following speak of a
> that was necessary because of the rebellion of  Lucifer/Satan.

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