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Another pun I just remembered, not in most translations.
The word Adam in Gen. 2, should be translated earthling.
Adama is earth, and adam is just the masculine form.
No gender is implied. He doesn't become man (ish)
until the rib is taken. All that is lost in English.

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> >Dear Members.
> >I've a question that I would apprectiate your thoughts
> >on. Whilst not strictly on the Hebrew scriptures it is
> >connected.
> >Q: What good reasons are there for studying the Old
> >Testament Scriptures in Hebrew?
> Ian, I would say that when you know the Hebrew well enough you will find
> that no translation satisfies you. All translations involve
> compromises and
> hard decisions, knowing that you are doomed to err because the two
> languages, Hebrew and English are so different. (BTW this is not the case
> with Arabic, or other Semitic translations.)
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