Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Thu Mar 14 19:40:08 EST 2002

>Ian, you are making me so angry by continuing to contradict yourself and
>accuse me falsely that I am in danger of breaking my keyboard by typing
>so hard. I think I had better drop this thread before I burst too many
>blood vessels.

I have not contradicted myself. I have merely 
attempted to get the conversation on track. 
TO do so, I was willing to stop talking about 
Gen 1:2 until we had dealt with Gen 1:1, for 
the former was secondary. Saying that I have 
contradicted myself is an easy escape clause 
for you not dealing with things. 

I have proposed a simple argument to understand 
the relationship between br'$yt and the rest of 
the verse and discourse. You simply wanted to 
talk about something else. Drop your 
participation in the subject, if you really 
don't want to talk about the significance of 

I don't really understand your behaviour here 
at all. I have consistently talked of br'$yt as 
the focus of my interest. That is the subject 
line. When asked to talk about it you simply 
chose not to and attempted to maintain a 
conversation about Gen 1:2, which I had said 
numerous times was secondary, giving two 
possible approaches to it so that you could see 
that it wasn't a major concern. I attempted to 
get back to what I considered was the subject, 
ie br'$yt.

How else am I to interpret your not wanting to 
talk about the subject? 

What have you got against talking about br'$yt?


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