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Thu Mar 14 17:15:05 EST 2002

on 3/14/02 7:26 AM, Fred Putnam wrote:

> I just purchased the study edition of HALOT from Eisenbrauns ($33 off list
> until 31 March), and immediately found myself reaching for it first and
> carrying it to class (rather than BDB) . . .

Thanks to Fred and all the rest who have commented on and off list.

It seems that almost without exception this resource is considered to be
desirable to anyone who wants to work in the Hebrew Bible. I went ahead and
ordered it from Eisenbrauns. I have a somewhat  ambivalent attitude toward
BDB after 14 years of use (misuse!) so it was time to cough up the $$ and
get something more helpful. Now if I could just learn the language . . .




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