Question: Off topic?

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Thu Mar 14 11:43:37 EST 2002

Because there is no translation that is really correct.
I've been teaching bible for a year now, and I teach it in 
English. Yet, I keep having to tell them what the Hebrew
*really* says. 
Besides, you miss all the great puns if you read it in translation.

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> Dear Members.
> I've a question that I would apprectiate your thoughts
> on. Whilst not strictly on the Hebrew scriptures it is
> connected.
> Q: What good reasons are there for studying the Old
> Testament Scriptures in Hebrew?
> I've been studying Hebrew for probably over five years
> now (not as long as many of you), and find myself
> asking 'why?'. Whilst I enjoy studying Hebrew very
> much indeed, I find it difficult to give a reason,
> when asked, why anyone else should learn Hebrew.
> I would very much appreciate your encouraging views.
> Many thanks for your time.
> Ian.
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