Koehler-Baumgartner Brill 2002

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Thu Mar 14 10:45:28 EST 2002

>===== Original Message From Jane Harper <jharper at woh.rr.com> =====
>I assume this
>"Study Edition" is more affordable than the Whole Megillah ..

Considerably--like a quarter of the cost or better. It's unabridged, I should 
add. Although the five vols. have been condensed into two, the print is 
somewhat smaller and the pages thinner (but it seems to be bound well), so 
that it's still all the same material and page numbering.

BTW, speaking of abridgement, does anyone know anything about the German to 
Hebrew index in HALAT? It doesn't appear to have made it into the English, but 
it seems like it would be a useful tool. I wonder if there are any plans to 
publish an English version separately?

Trevor Peterson

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