Gen 1: Desert or Swamp?

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But the Egyptian creation story does start with a watery chaos from
which a primordial mound appeared. Rather like Genesis 1, and 2 Peter as
quoted by Bill.

Peter Kirk

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> ><Dave>
> >The strongest hint I see that the earth was completely inundated is
> the
> >last clause of v.2...
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> ><Bill>
> >I believe Gen 1 and all of the OT and NT take the position of
> "ex
> >hudato" rather than "ex nihilo."
> One of the reasons I think there is no flood story in Egypt is because
> Nile's inundations were very benign. It was the flooding of the rivers
> Babylon where one gets the idea of water as chaos. It's not a native
> to Palestine, because there were no floods of either type. But I think
> this chaos is lurking underneath the start of creation. God deals with
> chaos by bringing order to the world. This is done by separating
> light from darkness, land from sea. God separates the waters and
> the
> firmament to hold that which is above in place. God gathers the waters
> together, which seems like another type of separation, for what's left
> land.
> The story I (and many others) call the second creation account (Gen
> starts with a bare and barren world. This is much more in tone with
> inner Levant.
> Ian
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