Egyptian "ey" adjectives and Hebrew

Matthew R. Miller biblicalscribe at
Tue Mar 12 13:02:39 EST 2002

In my Egyptian hieroglyphic studies, I have come across the "ey"
adjectives. These are, in essence, long, substantival descriptions, which
are read as simple adjectives, as I understand them.  For example, the
phrase "his possessing all of the foreign lands under his arm" would
simply be translated as "Conqueror," as a title, or simply as the
adjectives "victorious" or "powerful."  My question is, is there any
evidence of these in biblical Hebrew? I wonder about, for example, some of
the names of monuments and wells in the Hewbrew Bible. For example, "be'er
l'chai roi," or "be'er sheva." Does anyone else have any more information
about this phenomenon? Thanks. Matthew R. Miller

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