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Tue Mar 12 09:20:49 EST 2002

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>Is there and index for the HALOT
>lexicon like the Owens for the
>BDB ? The BDB is very old,
>but most of the "accessibility tools"
>seem written fot it.

Well, I think at least part of the reason for that is the different layout of 
the two. (Not to mention, if you're going to develop a tool that depends on a 
precise relationship to another work, it's easier if you're reasonably sure 
that work isn't going to up and change on you in the near future.) Frankly, I 
think it's a lot easier to find entries in HALOT to begin with. Nouns and 
adjectives are much easier, because they're listed alphabetically, not 
according to verbal root derivation. (One of the most frustrating aspects of 
trying to use BDB until you get really comfortable with it is following their 
train of thought on how other parts of speech relate to tri-consonantal 
roots.) As for weak verb forms, you can usually narrow down to a few possible 
root-stem combinations by analyzing according to derivational morphology. It's 
really not that hard with a little practice.

But to answer your question, I don't know of any indexes for HALOT, although I 
suspect that if you got the computer version it would be pretty easy to look 
up what you needed.

Trevor Peterson

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