Biblical Hebrew and Arabic

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> Hello -
> I was wondering if anyone on the list would be able to recommend any
> resources (including dictionaries, grammars, vocabulary lists etc.) which
> compare Biblical Hebrew and Arabic (and particularly, Qur'anic Arabic).  I
> am interested in all possible parallels between the languages.
> Many thanks!
> Jack Stewart
> Oxford, UK
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> Hello,

There're some bibliographical tools about the subject you're interested: it
is not complicated to search, for example, in the catalogues ( on line and
thematic) of Walter de Gruyter Publishers.

I remind myself now of a introductory book ( IU supposed you know it) edited
by S. Moscati, E. Ullendorff , etc : I have no the book now at hand but the
title is something like "Introduction to the Comparative Semitic Languages":
it's a basic book , easy to find also and it offers a very important
synthesis of the grammatical affinities and differences between Hebrew,
Arabic and other Semitic Languages.

Of course there are more references.

With my very best wishes,

F. J. Weismann

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